Make your own Facial Scrub

For getting soft and skin that is so smooth all your friends admire it. You must use some form of facial scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Homemade facial scrubs are cheaper than market product and all ingredients are right there in your kitchen cupboard. So, if you’d like to get healthy and smooth skin, try out these recipes which will leave your skin renewed and refreshed.

Normal skin scrub

Mix 2 crushed strawberries,1 tsp almond oil and 3 tsp granulated sugar together  well, make it paste that is pretty thick. And massage this scrub on your face and throat that is dry simply by using your fingers in a circular motiont. Leave it for a bit and risen off with warm water.

Dry skin Scrub
Almond oil is great oil that is moisturizing very dry skin; it will help to keep the skin smooth and soft.
Make a paste of 2 tsp of find oatmeal, 2tsp yogurt that is plain tsp almond oil and leave it five full minutes for oatmeal. Rub this scrub lightly on face and neck area. Continue to massage for about 5 minutes from then wash off with warm water.

Oily Skin Scrub
Cornmeal makes an outstanding scrub for oily skin. Combine 2 tsp cornmeal with 1 tsp lemon juice and 2 tsp of yogurt or curd, make it paste that is dense. Then massage it into the face for about 5 minutes and rinse off with tepid water.

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    • Jennifer
    • February 18, 2016
    • Reply

    Let’s say I want to exfoliate every 10 days, so if I make a full jar, how long can I keep it for?

    • Dana Smith
    • February 18, 2016
    • Reply

    do you think i can use coconut oil instead of the olive oil?

    • Sharon Clarke
    • February 18, 2016
    • Reply

    I just did it & my face literally said Thank You!!!!!

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